Deluxe Furnishing Co. is an interior contracting firm which has successfully executed numerous projects for prestigious clients and corporations from different sectors of Pakistan. If you are looking for a reliable contracting firm to not only design your office space, but also to execute and handover the keys to your new office, kindly come and visit us for a free consultation. Our team of designers, engineers, carpenters, and fit-out specialists will make your projects stand out.

Deluxe Furnishing Co. also boasts a multitude of furniture brands from across the globe. It is an authorized supplier for dozens of brands and can satiate all your furnishing needs effortlessly. If you want your office or home furnished with modern pieces of furniture, or have a Pinterest-worthy idea you’d like to share with us, visit our showroom.

To make things easier, kindly fill out the Customer Data Sheet (CDS) below. You can mention your requirements here. It would be helpful to us if you could also mention the approximate area of your residence or office space. You may even upload pictures for reference. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Complete furnishing solutions


Complete furnishing solutions

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