The products in this category include three chairs by Gio Ponti that have been restyled by Molteni&C. D.235.1 and D.235.2 were designed in 1935 for the Palazzo Montecatini on Largo Donegani in Milan. The first is made entirely of glossy aluminium, while its twin features leather upholstery on the seat and back. D.270.1 was designed in 1970. Thanks to its minimised bulk and weight, its accessible price and a design that can be adapted to a variety of activities, from reading to conversation, it was to become the epitome of versatility applied to design. In the Molteni&C range, Aldo Rossi, the first Italian winner of the Pritzker Prize, presents Teatro, a seat with a classic flavour originally designed in conjunction with Luca Meda for the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa.