Windows & Doors

With its partners in both Germany and Italy, Deluxe proudly boasts windows which have been built with perfection. These windows are customizable for both offices and residential villas. The tempered glasses used are all energy saving hollow glasses with excellent insulation properties.

The 5mm+12A+5mm Low E-hollow glass is another composition whereby the outside glass has an E coating, with argon gas in the middle of the window. In the summers, low E glass ensures a better transmission of visible light and a reflection of heat from outside. In the winters, this low E glass reflects the heat inside.

State of the art machinery ensures that the windows are manufactured according to the highest standards. Water lacquered painting is carried out on all windows, which offers numerous advantages. Water lacquer can permeate between the gaps in the wood, essentially saving the wooden profiles and the wooden structures from pests, insects and erosion.

A good permeating primer improves the wood’s waterproof performance and guarantees that the woode doesn’t bend. These windows ensure excellent insulation of heat, water, and sound, as evident from the U values achieved.