Wood Aluminium Windows & Doors

This ingenious product combines both style and strength by integrating wooden features with aluminium traits. The Exterior aluminum is used for weather resistance; the interior wood makes the inner spaces more comfortable.

There are many other advantages to this window, mainly; Excellent heat insulation and sound proof performance, longevity, stability and durability.

These windows come in different opening styles as well. The tilt and turn window has two opening styles, casement and tilt. The tilt feature opens 100mm from the top to tilt down to let sufficient air flow into the room. There is also the BI folding ‘windoor’. Which links internal and external areas. It has a fully sealed unit with a self-draining track and low-profile sills which can sit flush with the floor. The swing door is an ideal way to have easy access to the garden, terrace, patio or covered relaxation area; the wood-alu hinged patio door is both verstile and functional. A pair of hinged patio doors, either opened or closed,will prove to be a visual attractive part of your home.