Partitioning Systems

ALLinONE encloses the secret of its polymorphism and adaptability within its extruded, electro colored or painted aluminum profiles. The main structure houses the finishing profiles that change the appearance and characteristics of the walls made up of single or double glazing. The crystals and the panels, both in the monolithic versions and in the classical wall version and with full paneling, bring the wall thickness to 105 mm. The thickness of the crystals can be on request 10 (5.5.1) or 12 (6.6.1) mm, in the laminated glass versions with interposed PVB foil, acoustic or hardened. The modules that make up the wall are variable according to the needs of the project, simply divided on the sections in similar backgrounds, solving the architectural and layout needs in an intelligent way. A shaped profile with high strength adhesive is inserted between crystal and glass; in transparent polycarbonate, in anodized or painted aluminum, it connects the glasses in a solid and safe way.

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