Manager Chairs

Managing deadlines has never felt better with our Headlines Chairs. Every contour is calculated and shaped to reflect the size of the sitter, with easy customization to accommodate your preference. Our unique Headlines Chairs are also available in other colors for your selection. Made of sturdy material and equal in height, these chairs will breathe more life into your surroundings. Sporting 6 colors of your choice, the inner and outer frame are made from nylon to provide lumbar support. Headlines boasts many details. Soft padded for comfort with high-density foam. Retractable armrests to provide forearm support. Left and right rotation to suit your preference. Adjustable arm height (within 85mm) to help relieve upper back and reduce shoulder fatigue. Utilizes full-synchronized mechanism (tilt mechanism with multi-position locking), tension adjustment and seat height and depth adjustor. Equipped with hard dual-wheels for mobility in nylon or polish finish (applicable to leather upholstery only).

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